LAND (14, -69)

JungleBay Ape Club Sandbox Land

What’s Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven gaming ecosystem where designers and artists can create, share and monetize NFTs and gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain and is partnered with many industry giants, such as Square Enix and Atari. Its popular virtual real estate, known as LAND, is taking over the NFT world.

Why Sandbox Land?

Every important NFT project has planted their flag in the Sandbox; it’s important for JungleBay to have a presence there and we are already innovating within the confines of that specific metaverse, kicking off with our upcoming customized Avatars. We are also pursuing opportunities in other competing metaverses to ensure we don’t miss a step, as this industry changes drastically month-to-month.

JungleBay Sandbox Land

The JungleBay DAO Acquired LAND (14, -69). with the intention to both diversify our treasury & build a bridge for our community into the Metaverse. This enables us to host mini games , wearables, provide a hangout spot/community HQ, as well as open up multiple avenues to engage with one another and monetize our brand.