Gold Card Collection

At a critical point in our early history, where it was either make decisive action or fail, In order to fund this new project(since we were essentially starting from zero),we came up with a collection of 150 Gold Cards that would provide board member status for holders within the community, as well as additional benefits down the road within the JungleBay Ecosystem (mints, discounts, multipliers and mainly equity share in the JungleBay Marketplace).
This Pre-Seed round was funded by OG members who believed in the idea of JungleBay and saw the bigger picture in the DNA of this movement and what we were all creating together.
The mint was announced in our Discord and the minimum price was $200 to be whitelisted for a Gold Card. It sold out in less than an hour, and just like that, JungleBay was in business with the ability to operate freely of monetary constraints.
Gold Card Collection: