About JungleBay


It all started with us as co-investors in a previous project named Lil Baby Ape Club (LBAC) that garnered the attention of the entire NFT space by being one of the most vicious rug pulls in NFT history.
Despite the circumstances, a community was formed that refused to quit, deciding that the success of the community would rely on a shared mission to see it through by any means necessary and that would be our fate. Together, we harnessed the building blocks of web3 and to create something unprecedented in the crypto space - strangers from around the world developing a project together successfully from a rugged project and only armed with our respective talents, trust in one another and unified vision.
From the ashes, our community was reborn! With our hearts set on a new project, we tunnel- visioned through the negativity and remained focused on building something awesome together; we continue to take the necessary steps to build upon a foundation of transparency and trust.
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