The max supply is set to 1 Billion $JBAC, but we expect around 200 Million $JBAC to be distributed over the calendar year post-mint (January - September 2023).

Community Giveaways

Join the JungleBay Discord for access to free $JBAC distributions to community members who participate in game nights, events and challenges. To facilitate this, our Community Managers will host JungleBay Official events regularly where tokens will be distributed by them directly to members.

Initial Supply

50M $JBAC was provided to the JungleBay Community Treasury to support early community plans such as liquidity incentives, game night rewards, or giveaways.
15.35M $JBAC has been accumulated daily by each ape since the public mint.
Each Ape has been accruing $JBAC from the day it was either minted or purchased by the wallet it is currently in.