JungleBay Ape Club

Through all the trials and tribulations, we have finally completed the development of our new project JBAC (JungleBay Ape Club)! This process included sourcing and electing the artists from the community, voting on what the art direction would be, developing authentic artwork and ultimately launching the collection.
Anybody that owned a LBAC (Lil Baby Ape Club) was whitelisted for a FREE 1-to-1 swap for the new JungleBay Collection. This was for all the OG members who stuck with us throughout this journey, so they could potentially be able to return some of the incurred losses during that previous project.
The OG whitelist phase was an 8-day process where depending on how many LBAC apes you owned, you were able to mint your free JBAC on that designated mint day (i.e. holders of one LBAC mint day was Monday, holders of 2 LBAC’s Tuesday, etc.Supply: 5555 OG Holders Whitelist: Free
Public Whitelist / Public Sale Mint Price